SCARABAY 3.084 Beta

by admin July 27, 2009 at 6:20 pm

SCARABAY is a password manager. The program provides reliable encryption, has a convenient interface and a built-in passwords generator.

Main features

– Storage of any confidential information (logins, passwords, E-Mail, URL, credit card numbers, …).
– Data file encryption. Data Password protecting.
– A specially developed algorithm is used for enciphering.
– Multi-user working mode lets any member user save their personal data and passwords separately with unique settings. So, personal accounts can be created for each member of your family.
– All information is stored only at your computer or USB-flash drive. No personal data will be sent to the developer.
– Generates random passwords that hackers cannot guess. Avoids repeated and similar characters. Specification of characters (upper/lower letters, digital, special characters, etc.). Save generation settings for each category.
– Change Master (User-Account) Password.
– Type in your master password via the on-screen keyboard and access to your personal data will be protected. If a key logger is installed on your computer and it is monitoring keyboard events for passwords, no keyboard clicks will be captured and your master password will be protected.
– If SCARABAY is minimized into the System tray, you can: stop automatic filling of the login and the password, by the SCARABAY button located on the panel of tools in IE, and demand input of the password of an account when maximizing from system tray. This will protect your passwords from strangers if you leave the computer unattended.
– it’s free

For Windows 98/2000/2003/ME/XP/Vista

Download: SCARABAY 3.084 Beta