ScrubXP 1.0

by admin July 14, 2007 at 9:00 am

ScrubXP cleans a computer from temporary files and registry keys resulting from opening files and or using the Internet.
– Removes IE History
– Removes IE Temporary Files
– Removes all files from TEMP directory
– Removes IE Cookies
– Removes Documents List from Start Menu
– Empties Recycle Bin
– Clears Autocomplete Entries and Turns it Off
– Clears Recent File Lists for Run, Common Dialogs, Recent Documents, Search Assistant, Typed URLs, Paint, Find Computer, Printer Ports, Find Files, Media Player, Previous Tasks, and Real Player

ScrubXP will run automatically when your computer starts. Panic mode can be invoked by double-clicking the icon in your task tray. Panic mode will do all of the above but will also restart Windows Explorer for the ultimate in cleanliness.

Download: ScrubXP 1.0