SE Backup 1.0

by admin November 25, 2005 at 10:34 am

SE Backup is a simple and fast backup tool to backup data on CD/DVD or HD. You’ll be able to keep your data safe with no effort and almost no expense.


?Ǭ? Easy to use graphic program interface.
?Ǭ? Multilanguage supported (english, italian, french, rumanian)
?Ǭ? Compatible with most CD and DVD burners (thanks to CDRecord technology [CDRecord – Cygwin]).
?Ǭ? Handle your backup sessions saving in xml format and launching them when you need, also from command line.
?Ǭ? Zip your backups so that they take up less disk space (up to 50% smaller).
?Ǭ? Save your backup to any CD-RW, DVD-RW or even Hard Disk.
?Ǭ? You can also save your backup to an external Hard Disk or a USB PenDrive.
?Ǭ? Also available in a portable no-install version.
?Ǭ? Log every operation with 4 levels of details and sends a report to a specified mail address.
?Ǭ? This software is improved every day thanks to users feedback on new wanted features and bugs found.

Download: SE Backup 1.0