Second Seinfeld/Gates ad surfaces

by admin September 12, 2008 at 8:55 pm

Microsoft on Tuesday unveiled a new ad featuring founder Bill Gates and comedian Jerry Seinfeld, cozying up to an allegedly typical American family in an attempt to discover what the average user wants. The ad follows in the same vein as the first, comprised mostly of Seinfeld’s well-known comedy style “about nothing.” Both Seinfeld and Gates portray a character who act like opposites of their commonly perceived personality, with a food delivery driver being told by Gates that he has “got nothing” when it comes time to pay the tab, Seinfeld handing the teen an old Greek coin.

Throughout the four-and-a-half minute commercial, the two are subject to suspicion and abuse from a grandmother character, before they are eventually set up for trying to take a leather giraffe statue. The teenage girl in the family set them up after Seinfeld was found in her room, clipping his toenails.

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