Secure Notepad 1.1

by admin January 9, 2008 at 4:34 pm

Secure Notepad is more or less exact copy of famous MS Notepad. But this version includes several secure features:

· Secure fade text out if inactive after few seconds
· Automatic minimization if inactive after few seconds
· Support new “ETXT” file format which contains encrypted text
· Ability to choose private elements to encrypt the text

The OpenSLL engine is used for encryption (Blowfish algorithm), so it is expected to be very safe. But actually, the firmness of any algorithm depends on the private key’s size. It will be absolutely useless if you choose the passwords like “god”. To help you on this, in addition to password, it gives you the ability to select any file to be used as an additional secure element. All you need is to decide: which file is permanent on your PC and can never be changed by any reason (e.g. you favorite music, picture, etc.).

Download: Secure Notepad 1.1