SecureFileTransfer 1.1 Beta

by admin April 19, 2010 at 3:30 pm

SecureFileTransfer lets you to transmit files securely, those who intercepts it can not be traced back to the plaintext data.

It allows communication between two computers, both must be present securefiletransfer (freeware, open source under New BSD license) one of which generates a key pair for asymmetric encryption, sends the public key to another computer that produces a symmetric key and sends the first computer after it is encrypted with the public key, the computer that receives possesses the private key to decrypt the symmetric key asymmetric and at this point the two computers are aware of a symmetric key through Rijndael (AES “implementation”) is able to produce a level of encryption security that a brute force attack currently require time processing machine virtually impossible, the public key is exchanged in clear in 1024 is not feasible, then bit back to the private key.


Entering the password-application
-Creating user: 1.choose username 2.chhose password 3.choose scelta directory with write access 4. choose directory read access

-Password Entry Application
-Creating connection:
1.Insert ip address
2.Test ping (possible)
3.connection with insertion of username and password for that server (securefiletransfer server mode) connection name
-Choice of a connection between a list of connections and its opening with recovery of the list files that match the directory reading
-At this point the user can choose which file to recover in a grid, of course, may recover successively more ‘file
Or which file-ship of his car to the remote server in the directory to which it has rights in writing

Features common client and server:
a) Transfer SecureFile program provides initial and principal in the form of a read-only console where I write the main events and errors that occurred during the operation of the program, the program allows you to save a click in a txt file content of this console,
b) the software produces a txt file error log can be opened from the menu,
c) the program can be added or removed from the execution of automatic windows user selectable menu

Download: SecureFileTransfer 1.1 Beta