ServiceTweaker 1.0 Beta

by admin June 27, 2008 at 2:51 pm

ServiceTweaker is a an application to manage and control Windows services.

It shows a list of the current services and you can have full control over them. ServiceTweaker can start or stop a given service. The most important and handy feature is the ability to change the startup type of services, because it allows you to tweak the ones that you don’t need or don’t want at all to be run on your computer.

This frees resources and decreases loading times when Windows is starting up.

You can group the services by display name, startup type or status, giving you more flexibility to navigate the list.

It is a stand-alone application which means it can be run from anywhere. Also, there is an installer for U3 devices and MSI setup for standard Windows installation.

Download: ServiceTweaker 1.0 Beta