ShareazaPlus Beta

by admin June 29, 2008 at 11:59 pm

ShareazaPlus is a multi-network peer-to-peer application. It combines four netorks with different qualities to create one powererful client with more advantages than other single network applications. ShareazaPlus even supports the ability to download a single file from these four networks simultaneously, leading to faster downloads. ShareazaPlus is a mod version of Shareaza. It’s aim is to redesign the network core with better stability and functionality in mind, and also to create new features that advanced users will find especially appealing. Overall, it is a feature rich client with a redesigned “CB” core for better network support.

Shareaza Plus is also open source. This means that the source code which makes up the program is open for the public to view and use. Open source software is usually always a guarantee that the software is adware free, spyware free, or free from any malicious code that non-open source applications can hide.

Download: ShareazaPlus Beta