SharpDevelop 3.0

by admin April 10, 2008 at 11:44 pm

SharpDevelop is an open source IDE for the .NET platform. It is entirely written in C#, and supports various project types in multiple programming languages.


– Forms designer for C# and VB.NET
– Code completion for C# and VB.NET (including Ctrl+Space support)
– XML Editing
– Folding
– Code AutoInsert (Alt+Ins)
– C# to VB.NET converter, as well as VB.NET to C# converter
– Completely written in C#
– Compile C# and VB.NET in the IDE out-of-the-box
– Open source, GPL licensed
– ILAsm and C++ backends
– Integrated NUnit support
– Assembly Analyzer (“FxCop on steroids”)
– Xml documentation preview
– User interface translated to many languages
– Everything templated: add new project or file types, or even compilers to SharpDevelop

Download: SharpDevelop 3.0