SimplyMEPIS 8.4.97 Beta 5

by admin February 15, 2010 at 5:50 pm

SimplyMEPIS is desktop Linux the way you want it.

• SimplyMEPIS just works! It is pre-configured for simplicity and ease of use, even for beginners
• SimplyMEPIS features unique hardware detection and a superior configuration
• SimplyMEPIS allows you to test and try without installation to see if it suits you and your needs
• SimplyMEPIS is well supported by excellent community resources

SimplyMEPIS arrives with a complete choice of the best of programs necessary for most people’s pleasure and productivity, all delivered on top of a Debian 5 stable core using the 2.6.27 Linux kernel. We’ve already included great applications for you, such as the award-winning OpenOffice Writer that provides excellent compatibility with MS-Office, the popular browser Firefox with its great multimedia capability, or the terrific Amarok music player that handles MP3 players without problem. Thousands more software packages are available for free download and painless installation from Debian and our own Community, keeping you on the cutting edge.

Download: SimplyMEPIS 8.4.97 Beta 5