Skype unveils yearly long distance package

by admin December 13, 2006 at 8:15 am

When Skype announced free long distance Skype-to-phone calls for the US and Canada in May of this year, the result was an explosion of new Skype users. Even though the promotion would end at the end of the calendar year, seven months of free long distance was enough to entice scores of people to sign up.

Now Skype hopes to turn those users into paying customers, as the company has now announced its intention to sell long distance packages for a yearly rate. When the free long distance hangs up on Near Year’s Day, Skype will begin a month-long promotion: $14.95 for one year of long distance. The promotion will also include 100 minutes of SkypeOut for International calls and over $50 worth of coupons for purchasing Skype-certified hardware products. After January 31, the yearly fee will increase to $29.95

Full story: Ars Technica