Skyway Builder 6.0

by admin October 6, 2008 at 8:16 pm

Skyway Builder is a model-centric solution for developing and deploying JEE Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) and Web Services. The open source version of Skyway Builder, Skyway Builder Community Edition (CE), includes the following features:

– Free and open source (GPLv3)
– Integration into Eclipse
– Full web application modeling
– Extensible models
– Build your own building blocks (custom steps)
– Seamless integration of custom Java code with models
– Spring Framework runtime environment

Using a model-centric approach to development and deployment, Skyway Builder CE generates standard Java code that conforms to industry best practices on the Spring Framework and Spring MVC. Skyway Builder CE utilizes several key frameworks (Eclipse Modeling Framework and Java Persistence API Framework) and projects (Eclipse Java Tools Project and Eclipse Web Tools Project).

Skyway Builder CE is easy to learn and use, extensible for individual or corporate use, transparent with full access to underlying code, and compatible with a variety of open source databases and Web servers.

Download: Skyway Builder 6.0