Smartphones Get Bigger Ads From Google

by admin October 5, 2009 at 3:14 pm

There’s no doubt high-end mobile devices like the iPhone, Palm Pre or Android-powered phones will continue to increase in popularity in the years to come. With these smartphones boasting full HTML browsers, it’s only natural for Google to pitch its omnipresent AdSense product to mobile publishers in the same way they’ve been promoting AdSense for regular website monetization for years.

The problem was that up until now, publishers were only eligible to serve smaller text and image ads on their website content so far, and these were apparently far from effective enough on high-end mobile phones.

Today, the Mountain View search and advertising giant is announcing the freshly added possibility for publishers to run bigger ads. Click the image above for a larger size, but basically Google now offers the possibility to select “iPhone and other high-end devices only” rather than “all phones”‘.

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