Smereka 0.9.11 Beta

by admin April 27, 2009 at 6:00 pm

extensible personal freeform database and personal information manager

Smereka is a program that allows you to organize your data in an hierarchical, searchable database that is stored in a single file.

Here are typical cases of freeform database usage:

organizing snippets of text information: you are accumulating small, independent text files and saved webpages. They are used to store ideas, notes, article archive, etc.
data mining: you are researching some topic. You need to save and analyze a lot of diverse information, which is located on different webpages, in different text files. You also want to save relevant discussions, IM chats etc.

project management: you are leading a project, which requires organizing and storing a great quantity of artifacts: documents, important e-mails, chat transcripts, ideas, brainstorm protocols etc. In addition to specialized tools, such as MS projects, CMS or bug trackers, a personal database helps a manager to put pieces of informationtogether, which otherwise would not “fit” into these large and formal tools.

structured information exchange: you need to send your colleague a set of file together with some relevant instructions. You can attach files to the database as info elements, and insert text items as child (or parent) nodes.

Download: Smereka 0.9.11 Beta