Snaptune One 1.1.10508.1

by admin June 2, 2007 at 4:55 pm

Snaptune One is the ultimate radio time-shifting software that helps you discover new music. Simply tell Snaptune which radio stations you like; pick a schedule; and it does the rest. You can pause or rewind live radio, go back a whole week or longer to listen to any show again, and thanks to Snaptune’s one-of-a-kind indexing technology you can see a playlist with individual songs, interviews, live sessions, news stories or talk segments all marked out. Click a song you like, skip over a song you don’t like, or browse a list of all the songs Snaptune has found for you …

Snaptune puts you in control of the radio and you’ll never listen to it the same way again!

Snaptune One works with web radio stations, with most USB/PCI FM tuners or with any audio source connected to line-in. Pick a web radio station or simply connect the headphone jack on your existing radio to your PC to get started discovering an endless supply of new music. With web radio or a USB tuner you get the added benefit that Snaptune can tune to different stations according to a schedule you define.

Snaptune One works with almost any radio station anywhere in the world. Radio goes in, a playlist comes out, it’s that simple!

Snaptune One also shows you information about each song, the albums that contain it, other albums by the same band, how popular it is on the radio, how new it is, whether it’s going up or down in popularity, and detailed reviews for the albums from With a couple of clicks of the mouse you can add any album you like into your shopping cart.

If talk radio is more your style, Snaptune can record the specific shows you ask it to. In most cases it will even clip the interesting news stories for the day for you.

Download: Snaptune One 1.1.10508.1 Windows XP/Windows XP Media Center Edition