Snow Leopard Could Be Apple’s Vista

by admin September 8, 2009 at 3:30 pm

Apple’s Snow Leopard has some serious bugs. So what? Every major operating system upgrade has bugs. However, it’s possible that Snow Leopard is buggier than that, that it will prove to be a lemon and a drag on the company as Vista was for Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT).

At least, that’s what the Christian Science Monitor says, in a piece headlined, “Will Snow Leopard Be Apple’s Windows Vista?”

Between the list of more than 100 Mac programs that no longer work because of the update and the rampant reports of bricked machines seemingly tied to Snow Leopard, Apple has had a rough week.

Occasional graphics issues or incompatibilities are common with new OS releases – and Apple will likely correct many of the problems in due time – but the flood of articles, blogs, and forum posts this week has some drawing comparisons between Snow Leopard and a certain infamous Windows OS.

Bugs and problems so far: Upgrading to Snow Leopard causes a boot failure resulting in the endless display of a spinning icon known as the “spinning wheel of death,” although Apple and Mac enthusiasts have suggested fixes. The operating system drew mixed reviews soon after it was released. Apple used an old version of Flash in Snow Leopard, which had security flaws, and did the same thing with Java, which required a patch.

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