SOAPSonar Personal Edition 4.5.5

by admin July 28, 2009 at 3:26 pm

SOAPSonar Personal Edition – Free edition for web service testing

SOAPSonar provides simple, intuitive, and comprehensive testing for SOAP, XML, and REST based services over HTTP, HTTPs, MQ, and JMS procotols. The SOAPSonar testing framework is easy to deploy and provides testing modes for functional, performance, compliance and security testing.

Crosscheck Networks designed SOAPSonar from the ground-up as a comprehensive testing solution with features that can be utilized throughout all phases of the service developement lifecycle. SOAPSonar is easy to deploy and requires no knowledge of SOAP, XML, or WSDL to be effective. Services can be tested within minutes, and more complex testing scenarios can be built including complex security, identity, automation, and performance.

Functional testing mode provides development and QA teams with the ability to verify the proper behavior of services and build regression test suites to automate testing and baseline expected behavior of services to quickly assess and validate functionality through the lifecycle of service revisions.

Performance testing mode provides a concurrent, simultaneous loading agent framework which can determine throughput and capacity statistics of the back-end service across the range of input and client load variances to validate Service Level Agreement rates and well as identify bottlenecks and potential arhitectural weaknesses of performance dependencies.

Compliance testing mode maximizes interoperability by measuring both the design characteristics of a service as well as the runtime adherence to standards and best-practices. Isolating potential interoperability issues early on in the lifecyle can significantly optimize efforts of integration when exposing the service to trading parters and clients which may be build on a varying array of disparate web services technologies and platforms.

Security testing mode leverages patented technology that offers the industry’s only dynamic security testing solution for web services. Each web service is unique based on the schema which defines the input and response message structure of how to communicate with the service. SOAPSonar Security testing mode builds a boundary test profile dynamically based on each individual WSDL schema. Using the WSDL schema as the source, SOAPSonar then intelligently mutates each SOAP message input based on various data and structural based mutations such that the boundary conditions of the service are identified and the robustness of the service can be validated and confirmed.

Download: SOAPSonar Personal Edition 4.5.5