softMCCS 2.40

by admin August 5, 2009 at 2:36 pm

Aiding the development of software controllable displays

softMCCS is a purpose-built diagnostics and compliance application implemented on top of EnTech’s next-generation, licensable softOSD communications library. As a result, softMCCS is not only the fastest and most efficient tool of its kind – it’s also the most compatible. The underlying softOSD engine provides communication through the widest variety of GPUs regardless of the level of driver support and is compatible with all x86 and x64 versions of Windows, from the original retail release of Windows 95 onwards.

After establishing effective communication, softMCCS reads each connected display’s EDID and MCCS capabilities strings. Within seconds softMCCS presents categorized information, current status and supported controls for each connected display in an easily-recognizable, property sheet metaphor. Beyond it’s ability to simultaneously report the status of over 150 VCP code locations in a tested display, softMCCS also provides full control over each supported command and allows individual datagrams to be sent over the DDC/CI channel while viewing raw traffic in an ongoing log window. The speed of the underlying softOSD engine even makes it possible for softMCCS to react, in real-time, to events such as hot-plugging, changes to a tested display’s orientation (portrait or landscape), and to synchronize with the use of a tested display’s conventional OSD. In addition, softMCCS is the first tool in the world capable of flashing a display’s EEPROM entirely through the use of software alone. Provided there is no hardware write-protection, jigs and other programming fixtures are no longer required to update the EDID.

softMCCS also provides a step-by-step wizard to ease compliance testing and generate useful reports for later analysis, verification or improvement of the display’s performance. It is the ultimate tool for hardware designers, firmware engineers and other industry professionals involved in the creation of a new class of softControllable computer displays based on the VESA DDC/CI and MCCS standards.

softMCCS is built on the softOSD engine: it works with any display device that directly supports the DDC/CI protocol, and can communicate via practically any host-side graphics controller from 3dfx, 3dlabs, ATI, C&T, Cirrus Logic, Intel, Matrox, NeoMagic, Number Nine, NVidia, Rendition, S3, Silicon Motion, SiS, Trident, VIA, VideoLogic, or XGI – regardless of the level of OS or driver support.

Download: softMCCS 2.40