Solaris 10 6/06

by admin July 4, 2006 at 4:24 am

Sun offers an alternative to Windows with the Solaris Enterprise System, a unified platform of Solaris 10, Java Enterprise System, developer tools and N1 management software. Pay only for the support you need.

Get the latest release of Solaris 10 with ZFS, PostgreSQL and Predictive Self Healing for x64 systems

Solaris 10 includes more than 600 features that make it the most efficient, secure, and reliable operating system ever built.

– DTrace: Track, tune, and troubleshoot systemic problems in real time to quickly eliminate bottlenecks.
– Solaris Containers: Safely consolidate multiple applications onto a single system to increase your utilization rates and cut system and licensing costs.
– Predictive Self Healing: Catch and fix system problems before they cause downtime through automated fault diagnosis, isolation, and recovery.
– Smarter Updating: With Sun Update Connection, customers receive easy access to the latest Solaris 10 fixes and features through notifications and intelligent updates.
– Integrated Open Source Applications: Includes 188 of the most popular free and open source software packages, many of which are supported by Sun.

Download: Solaris 10 6/06