Spam: Made in Taiwan?

by admin June 11, 2006 at 8:44 am

The majority of spam servers are physically located in Taiwan, according to CipherTrust.

In research conducted in May, the e-mail security company found that 64 percent of machines sending out junk mail were in that country. Next was the United States with 23 percent and third China, with 3 percent.

CipherTrust also determined that unwanted e-mail traffic went up as much as 20 percent worldwide in May. The data was gathered using CipherTrust’s network of fake “zombie” computers, among other sources, the company said. Spammers typically use networks of zombies, or compromised PCs used without their owners’ knowledge, to send out their junk messages.

The company attributed the spam rise to two factors: the demise of antispam efforts by Blue Security, and growing use by spammers of image-only e-mails to defeat filters.

Full article: ZDNet