Spamato 0.99

by admin June 12, 2006 at 7:14 am

Spamato is an extendable spam filter system written in Java. It exists in different flavors and runs on various platforms. Spamato is published on SourceForge as a GPL-licensed open source project!

Spamato is available as an add-on for Microsoft Outlook, an extension for Thunderbird and Mozilla Mail, and as a stand-alone proxy component. If you are looking for an effective client-side anti-spam solution for your desktop, than have a stab at Spamato!

When Spamato detects a spam messages, it moves the message to a special Spamato folder. Thus, you are able to review Spamato’s decisions. Simply by clicking a button in your mail client, you can report undetected spam messages and/or revoke messages wrongly branded as spam. Additional graphical statistics explain the efficiency of every single filter as well as the overall effectiveness of the whole system. You can also adjust several settings and see why a particular message has been regarded spam or ham.

Provided Spam Filters

– Bayesianato (naïve-Bayesian)
– Comha (collaborative multi-hash)
– Domainator (Google search)
– Earlgrey (URL-based)
– Razor Filter (Ephemeral and Whiplash algorithms)
– Ruleminator (rule based)

Download: Spamato 0.99 | Screenshots