SpiralFrog: Free Music, with Ads

by admin September 17, 2007 at 5:46 pm

Long-gestating music service SpiralFrog has finally launched, promising users free music and videos…if they can live with DRM and ads.

It’s been gestating for well over a year, but today the free, ad-supported music service SpiralFrog opened its doors to the public after a length beta period. SpiralFrog wants to be a music service that competes with the likes of Napster, Yahoo, RealNetworks, and (of course) iTunes, and it does have the attractive prospect of offering over 800,000 music tracks and 3,500 videos for free: no downloading fees. However, the media is still burdened with Windows DRM software (which means Linux and Mac users—and iPod owners—don’t get to play. And the music is free because SpiralFrog is supported by advertising.

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