Sponge 3.0.3353

by admin March 1, 2009 at 6:40 pm

Sponge allows you to download files from Usenet Newsgroups. An account with a Usenet News Server is required to use Sponge.

· Supports yEnc, uuEncoded, and Mime encoded files.
· Configure multiple news servers for simultaneous use. (This allows you to download from a free server supplied by your ISP and use a pay server to fill in whatever is missing).
· Search Usenet without downloading headers using online search engines.
· Download and decode multiple articles at once.
· Find and filter articles based on keywords.
· View tag clouds from subscribed servers.
· Incremental group update.
· Ability to post articles.

System Requirements: Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5.

Download: Sponge 3.0.3353