sqlDESKTOP 3.00

by admin November 16, 2006 at 11:36 am

sqlDESKTOP can help you organize documents, WEB pages, database queries, multimedia data on CD ROM or DVD, etc..as easily as in an ordinary office environment. With sqlDESKTOP you can place related documents in the same binder even if some are computer files and others INTERNET Web sites or database queries. You can arrange by project, by department or whatever makes sense to you. sqlDESKTOP doesn’t tell you how to organize, it lets you do things your own way.

Documents are easy to find because you don’t have to remember the exact name of the document or where you put it. Visually locate what you are looking for in a familiar office environment and click on the selected document. sqlDESKTOP will take care of all the tasks: launching the right program on the right data file, pointing the browser on the right URL etc..

sqlDESKTOP is a Java software that runs on many popular platforms:

Desktop: Windows 98,NT,2000,XP, Linux, MAC (soon).

Server: Windows NT,2000 , UNIX, Linux, Solaris, AS/400, OS/390… ( any OS that can run a sql database). You can use sqlDESKTOP with commercial database (DB2, Oracle, SQL SERVER …) or Open Source database (Mysql, Postegresql..)

The desktop edition is FREE. The sqlDESKTOP license of the network edition is per user (and not per computer).

Download: sqlDESKTOP 3.00