StarWind 3.5.5

by admin December 10, 2008 at 12:54 pm

StarWind is a complete iSCSI target implementation for Windows. It enables practically everybody to benefit from extremely low cost IP network storage solutions. Utilizing state of the art iSCSI protocol, StarWind enhances Windows sharing of storage subsystem over an existing IP network. This software package combined with StarPort working as a client allows you to:

– share CD/DVD burners over the network and use your favorite CD/DVD burning application (we hope it’s our Grab & Burn) to burn CD/DVD remotely
– share tape drives over the network and use your favorite tape backup application (we hope it’s our StarTape) to backup to tape drive remotely
– share hard disk drives over the network for fast storing large amounts of data (replication) at block-level rather then doing this at file-level
– backup whole server storage subsystem over the network w/o putting machine down

work with the virtual volumes, dynamic volume snapshots, incremental backups
create extremely fast RAM disk drives for temporary data storing
mount standard ISO and MDS images into created Virtual DVD drives

StarWind is free for non commercial use

Download: StarWind 3.2.1