Stop Googling things, says Google

by admin August 14, 2006 at 10:04 pm

Name not synonymous with just searching, moans web giant

Google has issued letters to media organisations asking them to refrain from using its name as a verb.

In order to “protect its trademark”, and prevent it becoming a generic term, the search firm has sent letters to publishers advising them on its proper use.

Google’s letter includes helpful examples of appropriate and inappropriate use of the company’s trademark.

For example: ‘I used Google to check out that guy I met at the party’ is fine, but ‘I googled that hottie’ is not.

Similarly, it’s OK to say: ‘He ego-surfs on Google to see if he’s listed in the results’ but not ‘He googles himself.’

The key distinction is whether Google is used to describe searching in a general, non-specific sense.

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