Subpad 1.8

by admin December 7, 2005 at 11:03 am

Subpad is a lightweight notepad clone with all of the features of Windows notepad, with just a few extras added. The main purpose was to make something close to notepad.exe, but with faster find/replace, MRU documents, and syntax highlighting. Subpad’s find/replace routine is perhaps one of the fastest out there.

Other minor convenient features that have been added, without adding too much bloat are: close on ESC key, a roll-up caption bar (like with KDE applicaions in Linux), toggle off/on URL highlighting, column selection mode and stay on top.
What’s not here is unecessary bloat, toolbars, etc. The file is distributed in a simple zip — so you can run it on a USB easily! To uninstall, just delete it.

Download: Subpad 1.8