Sun: PCs are outmoded

by admin September 26, 2005 at 10:15 am

Jonathan Schwartz keeps singing Sun’s favourite tune – that Web services, not desktop apps, are the future

Increasingly, the personal computer is a relic.

So asserted Jonathan Schwartz, president of server and software maker Sun. Instead, what has become important are Web services on the Internet and the mobile phones most will use to access them, he argued at a Friday speech in San Jose, California, at a meeting of the American India Foundation.

“The majority of the applications that will drive the next wave of innovation will be services, not applications that run on the desktop. The real innovation is occurring in the network and the network services,” Schwartz said.

Sun, which sells the back-end infrastructure that powers such services, has promulgated variations of this message for years. But there’s evidence the idea has some merit.

Full story: ZDNet UK