SXSW: Facebook Connect Goes Mobile, Arrives on the iPhone

by admin March 15, 2009 at 8:50 pm

AUSTIN, Texas — Facebook announced a new feature for the iPhone and iPod Touch on Saturday. Facebook Connect, the company’s technology for sharing data between and external applications, can now be integrated into iPhone apps.

Facebook Connect for the iPhone essentially does for iPhone apps what it does for blogs and social websites. It lets users publish their activities, updates and any other sharable data to their Facebook feeds. It also extends their Facebook profiles into those other apps, so if a user is logged in to an app with Facebook Connect, it becomes easier for them to see which of their Facebook friends are using that app, or to invite their Facebook friends to install the app and play along with them.

On the backend, the technology handles ID verification and simplifies the creation of user accounts within participating apps. Developers can start building it into their apps now.

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