Syllable 0.6.1

by admin June 3, 2006 at 6:38 am

Syllable is a complete Operating System, with its own kernel, filesystem, GUI and applications. Syllable is based on the AtheOS codebase, is largely POSIX.1 compliant, and uses a large number of the GNU utilities and applications.

Syllable is still being developed, but it is already stable and relatively mature, including the following features:

?Ǭ? Booting usually takes less than ten seconds
?Ǭ? A full GUI is built into the OS
?Ǭ? Support for a wide range of common hardware devices, including video, network, and sound cards from manufacturers such as Intel, AMD, 3Com, nVidia, and Creative
?Ǭ? Internet access through an Ethernet network (though PPP and PPPoE are not yet supported)
?Ǭ? A graphical web browser (ABrowse) and e-mail client (Whisper), and hundreds of other native applications
?Ǭ? A journalled file system, modelled on the BeOS file system
?Ǭ? An application launcher (like the Windows Start button)
?Ǭ? 99% POSIX compliance
?Ǭ? GUI-based preferences tools for networking, display preferences, user administration, etc.
?Ǭ? The entire source is available via the GPL
?Ǭ? An object-oriented programming API

Download: Syllable 0.6.1 | Screenshots