Symantec Offers Compensation for Bad Software Update

by admin June 25, 2007 at 2:28 pm

A month after Symantec knocked out 50,000 Chinese PCs with bad software, the company is offering compensation.

More than a month after Symantec Corp. knocked out 50,000 Chinese PCs with a bad software update, the company is ready to offer compensation. But Chinese users eligible for the offer have to act fast; it’s only good for a couple of weeks.

Symantec’s problems in China began on May 18, when it released a bad software update that caused its Norton antivirus software to wrongly identify two system files in the Simplified Chinese version of Windows XP as malware and quarantine them. That mistake, which Symantec blamed on “an automated process,” left tens of thousands of PCs crippled and Internet bulletin boards full of angry posts.

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