SyncView 2.1.1

by admin July 26, 2007 at 2:48 am

SyncView is a free tool designed specifically for VCD/XVCD/SVCD/DVD production from AVI files. Use SyncView to determine the precise audio offsets required to properly synchronize separate audio and video files before MPEG encoding. The optional SyncTest Media (shown) consists of a DivX AVI with visual frame markers, and a perfectly calibrated WAV file. If your MPEG projects routinely suffer from sync error, the SyncTest Media can be used to trace the problem to either the encoder/multiplexer or to the video player.

The freeware edition uses standard settings to simplify your projects and supports all the components and operations that you need for basic alignment work. The software never expires!

Download: SyncView 2.1.1