System Spec 2.72

by admin July 25, 2009 at 5:58 pm

System Spec – A Portable Freeware System Information Utility.

With System Spec you can see, save and print a complete spec of your PC with this no-install, system information utility and perform various windows functions. Additional advanced info includes CPU, drives, apps, display, memory and more.

Items shown include the following:

• Computer Name • Username • IP Address • MAC Address • Windows version and service pack • Windows Serial Number • Internet Explorer Version • Memory • CPU Type and speed • Calculated CPU Speed • Sound card type • Video and virtual video adapters • Screen Resolution • Network Present • Network Adapters • AC Power Status (for laptops) • Battery Charge Status (for laptops) • Time Zone • CD / DVD Make and model • Default Printer • COM Ports • LPT Ports • Mouse capabilities • Hard Disks • Hard Disks Serial Number • BIOS Date • PC Serial number • Manufacturer • PC Product • PCMCIA (Laptops) • USB ports • Firewire ports • Motherboard • Modem.

Windows function such as shutting down and run can be performed from the System menu. The Control Panel menu allows you to quickly open items from the Control Panel.

Download: System Spec 2.72