System Spyware Interrogator 3.1.26

by admin August 8, 2006 at 2:08 pm

System Spyware Interrogator (SSI) is one of (if not) the first stand alone scanner designed to investigate your computer and search for not just known spyware signatures files to delete, but any unknown (potential risk) signature files residing on your computer that hadn’t been reviewed by the SSI team to be given a “safe” or “unsafe” status.

Once a signature file is introduced to the data base (via your scan) and its status is determined by the SSI techs, every user thereafter benefits from your input.

System Spyware Interrogator (Tech Edition) is the newest version and is designed specially with technicians who have to deal with spyware on a regular basis, while continuing to deliver the all much-requested functionalities for typical users with a manual removal process. Tech Edition offers new Alternate Directory Scans, File Hash Generation, Intelligent Hijackthis log parser, and a memory process killer.

Download: System Spyware Interrogator 3.1.26