System Stability Tester 1.1.0

by admin September 5, 2009 at 6:54 pm

Test your system’s stability and performance by calculating millions of digits of Pi.

System Stability Tester tries to test the system’s stability by calculating up to 128 millions of Pi. The calculation algorithm is the Quadratic Convergence of Borwein. The testing process includes the creation of two or more threads. After each step of the calculation, the results of all the threads are compared. Any differences between them are reported. There is also the option for single threaded calculation, but in this case there is no stability check. This is useful for benchmarking purposes only.

What System Stability Tester can do in brief
– Calculate up to 128 million digits of Pi.
– Create up to 32 threads.
– Recognize the CPU model, manufacturer and operational frequency.
– Compare the calculation results of all the threads after each step and issue a warning if something went wrong.
– Run continuously for up to 50 turns and log the results after each step and each turn.
– Record the calculated digits of Pi in a human readable text file.

Operating system: Windows, Linux, Solaris…

Download: System Stability Tester 1.1.0