System Tray Cleaner 2.0

by admin March 16, 2009 at 4:08 pm

System Tray Cleaner is a simple tool which helps you quickly and easily remove unwanted items from your Windows system tray. The Windows system tray, also called the SysTray, is the lower-right corner of your screen, near the clock display, where Windows dumps some programs, most of the time programs which load during Windows startup.

System Tray Cleaner will list all your system tray icon and identify which programs they belong to. Then, you can choose whether you wish to stop a certain program, remove it from startup (so it doesn’t start automatically every time you turn on your computer) or simply uninstall it.

– get rid of the clutter in your system tray
– quickly identify what each system tray icon does
– speed up your computer’s start time
– easily remove programs from your startup
– don’t start unnecessary programs
– speed up your computer by freeing your memory and CPU
– 100% FREE tool!

System Tray Cleaner is the best tool for keeping your system tray clean, because it’s the only tool which shows you what each icon means. This is often very hard to find out using other tools.

System Tray Cleaner works on Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and Windows 7

Download: System Tray Cleaner 2.0