Tagg 2.1.3

by admin September 4, 2008 at 7:18 pm

With Tagg you can tag absolutely any file you like including:

· Digital Photos
· Video files
· Audio files
· Microsoft Office Documents
· PDF files
· Files on removable media such as CD’s, DVD’s and Flashdisks

Whenever you need to find a file, simply launch Tagg and enter some tags. Any files which match will be displayed in seconds.

Operating system: Windows XP/Vista, Mac OS X

Note: There is no time restriction to this trial, however while in Trial mode the following limitations apply:
Plugins will ‘deactivate’ after 100 previews, A maximum of 10 Searches can be saved, A maximum of 3 Custom Application Launchers can be configured, A maximum of 3 Backup archives can be created.

Download: Tagg 2.1.3