Tagkeys 2.2

by admin March 31, 2008 at 8:08 pm

Collect, Store, Categorize, Review, and Re-use all types of information in all types of documents with a few simple keystrokes or mouse clicks. No complicated setup procedures, no scripts to write, no “coding” needed, and no special knowledge of PCs required. In fact, after installing Tagkeys, we will have you up and running in under 5 MINUTES!

Whether you are an office professional, engineer, consultant, software programmer, technical writer, data entry technician, or just someone who uses a PC occasionally, Tagkeys will help you work faster and smarter!

Automatically Save Information in Tagkeys from any Document, Webpage, or Email with a SINGLE MOUSECLICK! Simply highlight the text you want and right-click on Tagkeys’ tab. Tagkeys automatically inserts it into the database. Give your captured data a name and press . That’s it!

With Tagkeys, your work just got a whole lot easier! In any document, form, email, or webpage, simply type a “tag” and let Tagkeys do the rest!

Download: Tagkeys 2.2