Task Tiger 1.2 Beta

by admin January 23, 2010 at 2:28 pm

Task Tiger Task management software for getting things done(GTD).

TaskTiger is a tool to help you with your task management. You can use task tiger as a

· Simple Todo list
· A Logger to log your activity for each task
· An Alarm to remind you of which task you are supposed to be working on.

You can use task tiger to implement different methodologies of task and time management be it POSEC, Eisenhower or GTD.

Task Tiger home features are

· Free version of Task Tiger.
· For non-commercial personal and academic use only.
· Internal mail tool.

Task Tiger requires dot Net 2.0 and is tested on windows platform. It should also work on Linux using Mono but has not been tested on Linux.

Download: Task Tiger 1.2 Beta