taskTome 1.50

by admin August 11, 2009 at 2:22 pm

Powerful Task Organiser

taskTome is a personal information manager which allows you to maintain a list of events, diary entries, tasks, notes and financial information.

taskTome is light-weight program that displays the information that you need to keep track of without cluttering it up with un-needed features and controls, while still allowing you complete control over the information – including the ability to search, format, print, export and customize data.

The main features of taskTome are:

· View appointments and events in a monthly calendar,
· Maintain a task list with comments and subtasks,
· Maintain a journal or diary with rich-text formatting,
· View and edit rich-text notes and documents,
· Manage finances with bank/cash balances.

Portable Version

The portable version is designed to be run from a USB Flash Drive or Network Drive without storing any files or data on the local computer, so that it can be used on multiple computers. This version does not have an installer but instead can be unzipped where you wish to run it.

Download: taskTome 1.50