Telescope 7.7.1

by admin January 3, 2008 at 5:25 pm

Telescope is a metasearch engine for Windows, which automates web searching by combining results from several search engines. In addition to general web searching, it can access results from web directories, image search engines, news web sites, encyclopedias, and free software archives. Telescope searches 38 search engines including 7 in the web category.


Telescope supports boolean queries with OR, NOT, and quotes, when querying search engines. If you use these advanced operators, they are applied to search engines that support them, and a simple “all words” query is generated for those that do not.

The Verify Pages feature allows you to remove broken links and irrelevant pages without looking at them. It downloads each page, checks for your search terms, assigns the page a rank, and even updates the page’s summary. There is also a Find in Results feature. A History feature keeps track of your previous searches for quick reference. There is also the option of saving a list of search results or exporting it as hypertext.

Download: Telescope 7.7.1 | Screenshot