Temper 0.9.19 Beta

by admin September 18, 2006 at 6:12 pm

Temper was originally intended for Sys Admins who need a tool to delete all the temp garbage in Temp and Temporary Internet Files folders.

It will autodetect your Windows drive (in case it is not C:) and start scanning for all folders that are called Temp or Content.IE5 (i.e. the Temporary Internet Files folder). Folders that I know to be safe to be emptied under normal circumstances will be marked in bold and automatically selected – other folders can be selected manually.

Once you click EMPTY SELECTED FOLDERS it will first empty the local Temporary Internet Files, next create a list of all files in the selected folders and delete them, then a list of all folders inside the selected folders and delete them. If the Cookies check box is selected, it will also remove all cookies (default). Temper will not remove the cache or cookies from other browsers unless they reside in folders that were selected.

Sometimes there are items that cannot be deleted (because Windows is still using them etc.), and Temper will show these files when it is done. There is a Test Mode (disable deleting – to see how it works without making any changes) and an Expert Mode (remove confirmation boxes).

What makes my program different from others I have tried is that there is no need to install it – it runs from wherever you put it. Older Windows versions may require installing Visual Basic 6 Runtime files.

This program is Freeware for personal use and supplied as is.

Download: Temper 0.9.19 Beta