The Death of a Social Network: Yahoo Mash Kicks the Bucket

by admin August 29, 2008 at 6:30 pm

Yahoo calls it quits on its second social network attempt in just two years

With Yahoo stock at all time lows, Carl Icahn, proud owner of part of Yahoo’s board and strong advocate of a sale to Microsoft, has been remarkably silent. Meanwhile, Yahoo fell from the public eye. It did receive a bit of good news of late — its share of the ad market grew slightly, chipping at Google’s. Also it had a strong showing with the Olympic Games, thanks to clever linking to out of country live video.

Unfortunately, now Yahoo has been hit by more bad news. The company’s go at social networking, “Yahoo Mash”, ended unceremoniously this week. The network was shut down after only a year of operation, joining many other failed social network ventures.

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