The Simpsons: ‘Mapple’ store opens in Springfield

by admin December 1, 2008 at 7:32 pm

“It’s so sterile,” moans Lisa, while Bart has a pop at Steve Mobs

Last night’s US episode of The Simpsons had a cheeky pop at Apple, with a ‘Mapple’ store opening up in the Springfield Mall.

“It’s so sterile,” moaned Lisa, on entering their new local Mapple store!

“MyPods! MyPhones! A Brainiac Bar!” she then gasps in amazement, before admitting to a Mapple Brainiac that she can’t afford any Mapple products.

Instead, Lisa tries to buy some ‘MyPhonies’ white ear buds (so she can pretend that she has a MyPod). But even then cannot afford the $40!

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