The Vault

by admin July 30, 2009 at 5:10 pm

Want to encrypt your files? Then The Vault is the right program for you. The Vault can import and encrypt ANY file.

Feature summary:
– You can create multiple vaults.
– You can create folder in the vault
– You can add unlimited files and folder to any vault.
– Drag and drop files from Windows explorer
– Individual files and folder can be deleted from any vault.
– You can delete each vault, including all files inside the vault.
– Files from any vault can be decrypted and extracted to disk.
– Files opened in the vault and modified (for example you open a txt file from the vault) will be saved back into the vault.
– Drag and drop within vault
– Works with all Windows versions from Windows 98 and up.
– Integrated encryption performance test

The Vault will NOT modify in any way your original data!

Download: The Vault