Thief 1.5

by admin January 14, 2008 at 9:05 pm

Thief is a web browser that loads web pages via proxies. If speed is an issue, you can also choose not to run through a proxy. There are tons of search engines, and you can search any by choosing it under the menu. You can double-click the URL and search boxes to delete the information there. If you look under the “Search The Web” menu, you will see a “Break In” button; this is because Thief has some hidden tools that some might find useful. One code will be released when Thief is updated, in the version notes. One you might want to try is “delete” which opens a file shredder which deletes the file, moves it, changes name and extention, moves it, deletes and repeats. This is beyond Department of Defense standards, and cannot be found with any undelete programs or electron microscops.

Download: Thief 1.5