Thingamablog 1.1 Beta 6

by admin January 28, 2008 at 8:51 pm

Thingamablog is a cross-platform, standalone blogging application that makes authoring and publishing your weblogs almost effortless. Unlike most blogging solutions, Thingamablog does NOT require a third-party blogging host, a cgi/php enabled web host, or a MySQL database. In fact, all you need to setup, and manage, a blog with Thingamablog is FTP, SFTP, or network access to a web server.

Thingamablog allows you to:

– Set up a blog in minutes via an intuitive wizard
– Maintain multiple blogs
– Effortlessly manage thousands of entries
– Dynamically update blog content
– Write entries offline (Dialup users)
– Publish your blog with a single click
– Read news with an integrated feed reader
– Make posts from your favorite feeds
– Create a unique layout with customizable templates
– Import entries from RSS/Atom feeds
– Set up flexible archiving options
– Organize your entries by category or date
– Save entries as drafts
– Define your own custom template tags
– Syndicate your blog via an RSS or Atom feed
– Ping services like, BlogRolling, and
– And much more…

Download: Thingamablog 1.1 Beta 6 | Screenshots Windows, Linux