Tips on Epson Ink Cartridges

by admin June 21, 2011 at 4:13 pm

Epson has been one of the largest technological industries that manufactures printer, copiers, ink cartridges and many more. Epson has been known for quality and affordable printers used for personal purposes or business. Epson offers a lot of deals for OEM ink cartridges and toners that usually include free items and reduced shipping charges. But in order to save more, buyers are also considering many third party brands that manufacture the same ink cartridge type compatible for Epson printers.

For Epson, in order to prevent competition from taking it all, Epson kept on updating their printing products to only accommodate Epson ink cartridges and reject reused compatible ink cartridges. Some resellers are having difficulties since the versions of chips in cartridges keep on changing. This is the reason why some previously compatible third party brand ink cartridges do not work on newer Epson printers.

There is always the option to purchase a third party ink cartridge that would be as good quality with the original one. Comparing the prices of Epson ink cartridges with other brands; the price range of the original Epson ink are from $17- 30 depending on what type of printer is being used, while for third party brands, the usual price range would be $5- 15, also depending on the type of cartridge. Third party ink cartridges are much cheaper than the OEM branded ones, giving them an advantage over the other. Cheap ink cartridges still produce good output – almost the same as the original ones if well-chosen, but there are still some cheap ink cartridges that are low quality and produces terrible output due to uneven ink distribution.

Aside from Epson, there are many stores that offer quality Epson ink cartridges. Buying online is preferred method by most users nowadays since it saves them the effort of going out on a local store just to purchase an ink. Online buying also offers a lot of choices or brands to choose from. It will enable buyer as well to check out some reviews and full product description. But make sure that the reused cartridge about to be bought is updated in terms of the version of the chip, for that is the common problem found in third party ink cartridges.

OEM branded ink no doubt offers the greatest quality output compared to other brands. But these days, individuals must be very wise in spending their money and choosing products that could still deliver but easier on the pocket as well.