TiVo to Provide TV Viewing Data to Google

by admin November 24, 2009 at 4:30 pm

At this point, most of us have accepted the fact that Google probably knows a lot about our online activities. Now, Google will get to know our TiVo habits too. TiVo and Google announced an agreement whereby TiVo will provide Google with analytical information to advertisers about what its users watch on TV.

This is part of the Google TV ad program that began two years ago as a way for advertisers to bid on prices for commercial airtime. This is similar to an existing deal that Google has had with Dish Network (who ironically, has been successfully sued by TiVo).

The data that TiVo will offer Google includes second-by-second viewing information about who’s fast-forwarding through commercials, who’s changing the channel at specific times, and other anonymous demographic data (assuming it has been made available by the user) about who is viewing content.

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