ToolBox 3.0

by admin July 8, 2008 at 5:19 pm

ToolBox is a set of tools for doing synchronization, comparisons and replacement of data in files. It consists of the three tools File Synchronize, File Compare and File Replace, all contained in one single application.

File Synchronize does a simple one-way synchronization between sets of folders. These are arranged in groups for easy selection in different situations. The synchronization process is divided in two parts. The first part will search through the selected folders, listing all local and remote files, and then analyze these lists to determine which files/folders needs to be copied and which needs be erase to make the target folders match the source.

Synchronization can be done in both direction easily be changing between Recieve and Send. Send will make the remote folders match the local folders, receive will do the upper-site.

The second tool in the box is File Compare, originally build for verifying that CD’s where burned correctly, back in the early days of CD burning. Given a source and target folder, it starts by recursivly listing all files in the source folder. Then it goes through this list, looking for the corresponding files in the target folder and, if found, compares them.

The compare can be done either on the file details alone (size, date, etc.) or as a binary comparison on all data in the files. Optionally the program can be set up to take an action after each comparison, removing source or target files/folder that have be compare successfully.

The third and currently last tool is File Replace. It is a very simple tool for doing search and replace of text in multiple files. Given a search string, a folder and file mask, it first searches recursively through all the files matching the file mask, opens them and locates any occurrences of the search string. The result of this search is listed, after which the files can be processed and have the search string replaced.

The userinterface is constructed using a small skinning engine allowing a completely custom look. One standard skin is bundled to start with. More skins may come later depending on the available developer resources.

ToolBox includes multilingual support, allowing it instantly to change all texts in the user interface to a different language. Only a few languages are available a the moment, additional languages can be added given some help for translating the texts.

Download: ToolBox 3.0